About Us

This is Eisha P, a mother of a toddler girl and the owner of the Tiska New York clothing store. During my daughter's first birthday I was researching about the vintage floral dresses for the party but couldn't find any good affordable dresses. After researching for a very long time I had to settle on a dress, which did not meet my expectation. At that moment I decided to build a platform where someone can buy affordable dresses for the special occasions such as birthday parties, proms or even casual encounters.

We have been working extensively to identify quality suppliers from all over the world to procure quality dresses and skirts. We have limited choices for the dresses unlike name brands where you scroll through thousands of listings to choose from. I selected each dress with an intention that I would wear that for any occasion in my life. I personally feel that you would love these dresses as well.

Thanks a lot!

Eisha P